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For worry free custom driveline work involving complete front and rear differential/axle assemblies,  along with re-bearing and re-gearing set ups from trucks to cars (euro & domestic)

  Complete custom driveshafts in Aluminum, Carbon Fiber & Steel ,  along with repairs suchas new tube yokes,  re-tube,  u-joint replacement and many other upgrades.   Give us a call for any questions    631-514-1034 

There are numerous choices out there, many can be misleading so be sure you're with a real professional of their craft.   Don't let just anyone handle your car or truck

The Driveline Shop

Stop in and visit us,  it's free,  we don't charge to explain what you need and whats happening with your vehicle. 

   See our other page by visiting -www.Supershafts.com -and check out the forum/news section for all the lastest new things at The Driveline Shop

The Driveline Shop 

Welcome to your complete full service driveline shop

We've been helping people since -1973 (Long Island Driveshaft). Our customers are as important to us as you are about your vehicle.   Whether its your service truck, limo, sports car, race car, off-road vehicle, Emergency vehicle or your daily driver you count on to get you to work everyday and every other trip.  We provide the right work, best parts and with no mistakes.